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Rafting and kayak

What is rafting?An extreme form of sport, or something extremely fun-filled for young and old, alike?
The answer is simple: Rafting is an exciting whitewater ride on board of an inflatable raft designed especially for this type of sport. Rafting is one of the most popular sports enjoyed in the Val di Sole, and can honestly be called one of the most entertaining and enjoyable sport activity available here – provided that all safety precautions are strictly observed. Rafting is a sport for everyone, requiring no preparatory classes or special abilities.

You can start right away by boarding a raft waiting for you on the shores of the torrential Noce – after all of the necessary safety measures have already been taken, of course.If possible, several rafts travel together, with a short distance between them. The crew must follow the precise orders of the "captain" to shift their weight as needed. During this exciting and thrilling ride,
the captain leads the crew down this magnificent riverine landscape of the Val di Sole. Trips can be booked both for groups and individual travelers who can form a crew together with other participants.

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