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Trekking & Esay Walks

The Val di Sole is an unparalled location for hiking and high-altitude Alpine tours in the midst of an exciting landscape of enormous natural beauty, between the Stelvio National Park and the Adamello - Brenta Natural Park. The elevation varies from 700 meters above sea-level in the valley to 3,700 meters at the highest summits. The three most important mountain groups which surround the valley are the Ortles-Cevedale Group in the north, the Adamello- Brenta Group in the west, and the Brenta Dolomites in the southwest.

All of the hiking trails are kept in the best condition and feature red-white symbols and corresponding trail numbers in black. But choosing from among the many interesting paths in the Val di Sole can be difficult! The enormous Alpine region surrounding the valley offers innumerable alternatives both for experts and less-ambitious hikers. You’ll find not only tours with different levels of difficulty and face-climbing opportunities, panoramic trails amongst majestic mountain tops and giant glaciers, but also exciting trekking tours on simple and yet fascinating nature study paths.

In addition to many trekking itineraries, Val di Sole also offers countless walks and easy hikes for those who aren’t yet ready for a challenging outing. There are an infinite number of physical activities that require only a moderate intensity level but most importantly they will give you the chance to admire the scenery, to appreciate the subtle sounds and scents of nature, to relax and rediscover the pleasure of walking without rushing and to free your mind of any negative thoughts..

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