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Commezzadura: small oasis of peace in nature...

Almazzago, Piano, Daolasa, Deggiano, Mastellina Mestriago (Town Hall) are the fractions that give rise to Commezzadura, located in the middle part of the Val di Sole (850 meters above sea level), between the towns of Dimaro and Mezzana. The name Commezzadura, the union of the Latin words "colis" and "dressing", that land as sharecroppers, but according to popular tradition Commezzadura indicate the position of the country at the center of the valley.

Almazzago, with the villages of Costa Rotian Liberdon and is located on the southern side of the town, to the left of the Walnut River in the foothills of Mount Spolverino (2079 meters).The town is surrounded by vast evergreen forests of larch and working together to maintain a healthy and uncontaminated.

Admiring the view you can see the majestic peaks of the Alps: the towering Dolomites, which at sunset take on a magical pink color, and the glaciers of the Presanella, the Ortles Cevedale, which includes some of the peaks highest in Italy. The climate is thus revealed Commezzadura Alpine type, with cool summers and snowy winters.

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