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Trentino area

The Trentino-Alto Adige is the northernmost region of Italy, bordered to the north by Austria to the south and east by the Veneto region in the south and west with Lombardy and Switzerland in the west.

Its territory is completely characterized by numerous valleys and mountains, is rich in rivers and mountains that reach dimensions that reach 4,000 meters. In Trentino Adoge is 60% of the Stelvio National Park, one of the most important Italian parks set up around the mountains of the Ortler (3899 m) and Mount Cevedale (3764 meters), the protected area is home to numerous species of animals ranging from deer to deer to black bears recently introduced the golden eagle.

Also belongs to Trentino and the upper end of Lake Garda, while many other smaller lakes are scattered throughout the territory. The Trentino-Alto Adige is one of five Italian regions with special status, with autonomy for the capital, Trento (Trentino) and the province of Bolzano (South Tyrol). The German language is equivalent to the Italian, as well as Ladin, spoken in some parts of the region. The Trentino Alto Adige region is certainly demonstrating the possibility of a multi-ethnic cohabitation, welfare widespread unemployment among the lowest not only in Italy but in Europe.

The regional products are appreciated and exported around the world: the famous Tyrolean bacon, apples from Val di Non, fine wines and sparkling wines.

At the base of the regional economy is of course the summer and winter tourism, an intelligent tourism linked to the territory to the local culture and traditions preserved and enhanced.

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